Poulan 285 Pro Problems


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Poulan 285 Pro Problems

I have a Poulan 285 Pro chainsaw that will start & run as long as the fuel trigger is in the wide open position, once you release the trigger, & try to again give it fuel,it dies. However if you start the chainsaw, and law it on it's side, as if you are going to fall a tree, the blasted thing runs great, as soon as you again upright the saw, it dies. I have checked the fuel lines, fuel & air filters, fuel tank, & fuel tank vent. Have removed the carburetor, cleaned, & installed new gaskets. This thing is about to drive me insane. I sure hope someone has encountered this problem before, & can give an answer as to the cause. Thanks, ARMason
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Sound to me like the fuel lines are bad and leaking, the tilitng on it side could be the fuel filter has come off the line in the tank. Have a good one. Geo

OOps sorry, I see you already checked that.
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Any adjustments on the carb? Open the screws 1/4 turn. Have a good one. Geo
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Try filling the tank completely full of fuel, right up to the the rim, cap it and see if it does the same thing.

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