brggs isnt running correctly


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brggs isnt running correctly

I have recently bought a new 6.5 briggs ohv engine for a gokart i rebuilt. it isn't running like a briggs should. when i give it gas, i can't let off cuz it will die. i have to let it idle down slowly then let off the gas. its killing my brakes. the last engine that was on there was a briggs from the 90's and it won't die at all.
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Stuff like that is usually the carburetor or the valve adjustments. Are you running a modified carburetor or stock that came with it? Also how does it idle once it comes down from the high rpms. If the idle is too low it will cause the dieing as well.
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There should be two screws on the side of the carberator. Ones for high speed and ones for low speed. The low speed one needs adjustment.
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Could just be that the idle speed screw needs to be set.

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