spark plug question


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spark plug question

I am replacing a mower plug for a friend and when I brought it to the auto parts store they automatically gave me an RJ19LM, however the plug that came out of it (from the factory) is an RJ19HX. I tried figuring out whether this is okay or not but got different information googling it. So, the best I can figure is the HX is a hotter plug and thus probably lasts longer, but is it okay to use the LM or should I bring it back and get the HX from Sears? I've always been trained to buy exactly what came out. Please don't get too technical because you'll lose me. LOL Thanks in advance for the help.
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I think the # denotes the temp range. Its the same range. The last two letters are just the conductor material and the HX is extended life. The LM is just lawn mower.

The LM is Nickel Plug with Copper Core
The HX is a Fine Wire Racing Plug.

Check out the champion site.

Hey you will mow the lawn in half the time.

Mike NJ
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Wow!!! I like that thought of half the time!!! LOL I have to admit, extended life must be right because the plug is two years old and still starts like a champion!

Thanks Mike!!

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