Craftsman Lawn Tractor Won't Start - Help Please?


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Craftsman Lawn Tractor Won't Start - Help Please?

I have a 2007 Sears Craftsman YS4500 (model # 917-287340) with Kohler 20 HP Twin engine. I tried to start it 2 weeks ago for the first time this season - engine tried to crank but it seemed battery didn't have enough power. So we jumped it from our pick-up truck. Started right up, so I thought I would ride it a little to charge the battery, then when I tried to engage the blades, it started to die, so I figured there wasn't enough power. I tried to disengage the blade, but engine died. So we tried to jump again - this time nothing happened. When I turned the ignition - nothing, no trying to crank, no clicking, nothing. So we went to Lowe's and bought a new battery - same thing. So then I ordered parts from Sears and today replaced the solenoid and ignition switch. Still nothing - not even a click. The lights won't even come on. I've followed all the wires and everything looks good. What am I overlooking?
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Did you check the fuse?
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Thanks for the quick response! After I posted, I looked at the schematic of the electrical system on the Sears parts website. Since it mentioned only one fuse, I went looking for it. Thankfully, my husband found it, and we just pulled the fuse out and are headed out to buy a new one. Do you know if this is the kind of thing we can buy at a hardware store or am I going to have to go to Sears? I'm not used to this kind of fuse - I guess I'm too old, 'cause I expected it to be a little glass tube!

By the way, should it be obvious if the fuse is blown? With the glass tube type, it was usually pretty easy to tell, but with this funny plastic thing with two prongs, I'm not so sure.

Thanks again.
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I am probably too late to help as you were headed to buy a fuse almost 2 hr. ago but anyways.....yes any auto part store will have these type fuse. And yes if you look between the 2 prongs at the very top inside the plastic you will either see a squiggly line (good fuse) or a broken line (bad fuse)...naturally it is easier to notice the difference if you see a good and bad fuse side by side.

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