Toro Recycler lawn Mower


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Toro Recycler lawn Mower

Model is 20066. This mower starts great, usually on the first pull every time. The problem is if I shut it down to empty bag or pick something out of yard it wont restart. I usually have to give it a cool down of 30-45 minutes. Once that time is up then one pull and fire right back up.

So what is the deal? Obviously something is getting to hot during the normal operation that once I turn off engine wont allow the restart but dont know what that would be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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First thing, have you cleaned the blower housing and fins? Lots of grass can collect and impair the cooling.

The second thing I'm thinking is that you may have an ignition module failing. It may heat up just enough from soaking when the blower isn't running that an open condition develops. Next time it won't start check for spark.

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