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'doing' stumps and my Tiller

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Join Date: Jun 2008
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04-10-11, 10:45 AM   #1  
'doing' stumps and my Tiller

I have Four stumps in my yard. Thanks to the Previous owner who....

I'm thinking of Taking all but one set of tines off my Tiller. Using it for a ditch digger.
Digging along side the Roots of the stump, from out in the yard, toward the stump, till I can get a Chain under the root and Pull it with my Pickup.

Have you???
If it didn't work for you, let me know what you'd do next time?

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04-10-11, 06:32 PM   #2  
Depends on how big they are and if they have taproots. Give it a try.

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God bless!

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Join Date: Jun 2008
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04-10-11, 08:21 PM   #3  
Posted By: cheese Depends on how big they are and if they have taproots. Give it a try.
Ahhhh yes the Tap root. I lived in AK for so long, removing trees that had an 'Ivy' like hold on the earth.

I hope I can get the Tiller down six inches or so, along side the Root about four feet away from the stump, and work my way into the stump along side the Root till I can see Daylight under the root.

Then I'll either cut the Root off at a convenient place, or wrap the Chain around the stump, and use my 4X4 Pickup to pull until some part of the root or stump gives up.
Repeating that for the rest of the stump, and then three others...

We'll know in a few days.

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04-13-11, 12:17 PM   #4  
Best of luck to you on this! I've tried various methods to remove stumps and came to the conclusion that it was worth it to me and my aching back to hire a guy with a stump grinder to come in and take care of the problem. But I live in a place where the roots run deep and are wrapped around rocks that be suitcase size or bigger. Having him do it saves me pain (a VERY good thing) and keeps me from damaging my equipment by pushing it to try and do stuff it was never designed to do (Also a VERY good thing) and the cost was a around $200 for a couple of hours of his time, vs. all day and possibly more if I tryed to do it myself.

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04-13-11, 01:22 PM   #5  
Do you know what kind of trees they were and how big were they? Also, how long ago were they cut? The older the better as some will just pop out of the ground. Pines I removed years ago went straight down, what a pain. Before I got my machine I used to hand dig around them and as I spotted a root, cleaned and cut it. If they were cut recently (one year), they will pull hard.


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