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My 20Hp Briggs and Stratton Will not turn over please help.

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04-28-11, 07:29 AM   #1  
My 20Hp Briggs and Stratton Will not turn over please help.

Hi, I have a 20Hp Briggs and Startton (Engine# 461707 Model 0116-E1).

My mower refuses to start. Luckily in the past i was able to start it by jump starting it from my car. However it seems to not want to do anything now.

When i turn the key i hear a loud click in the engine and the flywheel will turn maybe 2 or 3 teeth and stop. It will do this on a brand new battery. Also a brand new battery is only lasting me one to three mows before it is dead.

I can turn the flywheel by hand but it is very stiff. I have replaced the solinoid. Im thinking its my starter. I removed the fly wheel and starter. Im gonna try putting a jumper cable directly to the starter bolt to see if it spins. Anybody have any idea what may be the problem? Starter? Magneto? I have repalced, the battery wires, solenoid, put in new fuel lines and fuel pump. Cleaned the carb and replaced the filter. Replaced the oil. Im not sure what else to do.

Also I have looked at the starters online. On partstree.com it has two starters Parts number 497596 and 498148. part 497596 has a 3-5/8" housing and the 498148 has a 4-3/8" housing. I dunno what that means. I measured the width of my current starter and the case is like 3-1/8" wide and 4" tall (The case alone). Does it make a difference on housing size? They both have 16 teeth and both say for 18hp engines. But mine is 20hp. Make a difference? Thanks for the help!!


I jumped the starter, it spun fine. I re connected it along with the altinator, hooked up the battery and turned the key it spun like crazy. I put the fly wheel back on and the fly wheel made one complete turn and stopped. I removed the spark plugs and tried again. The fly wheel spun without any problem at all. Reinstalled the spark plugs. Try again, The fly wheel makes a complete turn and stops, like the battery doesnt have enough power or the starter doesnt have enough power to keep it going. Any ideas. please!

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04-28-11, 09:58 AM   #2  
I'm sure cheese will jump in, but is that an overhead valve engine? And if so has the valve lash ever been adjusted on it?

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04-28-11, 11:56 AM   #3  
This engine is an L-head type. What is a valve lash? Sorry im new at this and learning as i go. Thanks

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04-28-11, 05:08 PM   #4  
I would have suspected valve lash too if it were an OHV engine (lash is the clearance between the rocker arm and the valve stem or tappet). On this particular engine, the starter end cap bushing wears and allows the armature to rub the field magnets inside the case, causing extreme starter drag. It will work fine without the flywheel because there is nothing to push the shaft over into the magnets without it. Take the starter drive off, remove the end cap, and replace it, or take it to a starter shop and have a new bushing installed.

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08-29-12, 04:54 PM   #5  
I got my Mower started with a ground wire

I went through the same thing and though I had tried everythmg so I called the repair to come and pick it up, He came and tried to start it and it would turn the fly one time and then stop, HE GOT A SMALL JUMP WIRE FROM HIS TOOL BAG AND PUT IT FROM THE GROUND ON THE BATTERY TO THE BOLT THAT MOUNTS THE STARTER TO THE MOTER AND THE MOWER STARTED RIGHT UP AND I HAVE NOT HAD ANY MORE TROUBLE AFTER I RAN A WIRE FROM THE GROUND ON THE BATTERY AND PLACE IT UNDER THE BOLT ON THE STARTER MOUNT BOLT.
I hope this helps you

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