Simplicity tiller


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Simplicity tiller

motor runs fine at idal and at full when you engauge the tines it runs for about 30 sec to 1 min the the motor chokes out. I checked all the fluids every thing is fine. belt is good you can move the pully on the trany fine. looking for ideas. I should add the tiller is from 1968 and lookes like new. I have not had any problems with the unit in the last 10 years untill today.thanks

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What kind of engine is on it? I'd start by checking fuel delivery to the carb and into the float bowl.
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I thought about that so I changed the rubber valve on the carb. The motor is a 5 hp briggs. I did change the points to a cid 3 yrs ago. So I don't need points and a condencer.
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As Cheese said, check fuel delivery from tank to carb by removing the fuel line from the carb and letting it drain into an open container if it stops or slows way down you have a blockage in the tank outlet or a plugged vent in the filler cap. I'm supposing this is a gravity feed fuel system. If the tank is mounted under the carb, then the suction line that reaches to the bottom of the tank is partially plugged or has a microscopic crack in it.

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