Oil leak in air filter


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Oil leak in air filter

I have an oil leak inside the air filter on my honda HRT216TDA.
Oil is on the filter and the mover is sputting.
Does anyone know the possible problem.

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Have you checked the oil fill level, is it overfilled?

Iam not familiar with this engine but most engines have a crankcase breather/vent of some type to send unburnt crankcase gases back into the carburator air stream. Usually it is attached post airfilter, but maybe not in this case. Hope this helps

Good Luck
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Check the oil to see if it's overfull. If so check to see if oil is thin and smells strongly of gas. If so, change oil and find out if carb is leaking gas into the combustion chamber and leaking it past the rings into crankcase.
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if it's OHV could be a blown head gasket

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