Craftsman 42" 16.5 HP Kohler


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Craftsman 42" 16.5 HP Kohler

I have a Crafsman 42" 16.5 HP Kohler that doesn't start. It ran fine last season, just tried to fire it up for the first time this year, but it wouldn't turn over just a click sound is all you hear. I took the battery into NAPA and had it charged, then tested to make sure it was holding the charge. I put the battery back in and the same problem is ocurring. I tried replacing the fuse which didn't help either. All the electrical connections appear to be OK. Any suggestions?
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I would suggest disconnecting the battery and removing the starter. Then see if you can turn the gear on the end of the starter. When you turn it one way it will just turn but the other way the gear will move upward to the end of the starter. Put a small amount of lube (oil or grease) on the shaft that you see and make sure it turns and moves up freely. Before you put the starter back on try turning the engine over by removing the spark plug and then pressing your hand down on the top of the flywheel and turning. Leave the plug out and put the starter back on the engine. Connect the battery and try turning the engine over with the spark plug out. If it turns over then replace the plug and start it up.
If all this does not work then start looking at all the safety switches on the mower. There should be one for the brake/ clutch pedal, the seat, and the blades. Sometimes just moving the pedal several times and engaging the blades and dis-engaging the blades will free a stuck safety switch.
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Check for power at the white wire plugged onto the solenoid while trying to start. If power is present, replace the solenoid.

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