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I have an 8hp Ariens sno blower and after a good dousing with wd-40, it runs horribly. The engine sputters and misfires often. It starts no problem, and will run quite well for a short time. The choke has to be left wide open. sometimes when the blades are engaged or there is a load put on the machine it will sputter/misfire until it dies, but playing with the throttle can sometimes keep it going. what is its problem, and how is it fixed?
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The condition discribed could be caused be one of several factors. It may also depend on what you sprayed with wd-40.

If wd-40 got into the spark plug wire cap, pull the wire cap off the spark plug and clean the inside of the cap. Remove the spark plug and clean or replace it.

May also be caused by a drag of the blades on the engine. Be sure they rotate with a light drag.

Another possibility is fuel starvation. Could be the carb has gum and vanish in the bowl and fuel ports. If fuel was left in the tank and carb for along length of time it most likely gummed up the fuel system.

May also be a governor linkage drag. The linkage may need to be cleaned of all rust and debris.

You may have sprayed too much wd-40 in the wrong places and got the ignition system soaked. Many people will say wd will not harm anything electrical. Not always so.

If the carb or ignition system needs repairs, you might have to have the local small engine repair shop service it.

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