Toro 22"Recycler won't start, Model #: 20018


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Toro 22"Recycler won't start, Model #: 20018

Hi...I've been trying to get my Toro 20018 started. Picked it up free from a garage sale. I've put a new spark plug in it, new gas and cleaned the carb making sure that the little holes in the nut (under the carb can) are clean. I did a test where I removed the spark plug but kept it connected to the electronic ignition. I saw little (pin head size or smaller) consecutive sparks when pulling on the crank. Is it possible the ignition is bad anyway?

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Did you try starting it before you put any fresh gas in it, or drained the float bowl?

I would remove the carb and spray some carb cleaner all up in the jet where the pintle goes in, and any pin-hole size orifices....wear safety glasses.

Replace the fuel filter if it has one.

Doesn't take much crud in those very tiny passages in the carb to frustrate you...especially with the ethanol enriched fuels that don't like to sit very long.

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