Craftsman self propelled mower met a rock today


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Craftsman self propelled mower met a rock today

I have an older craftsman 6.25 mower. Model 917.379200. I dug it out of my neighbors garbage last fall and it didnt start, put in a new filter, spark plug gas and oil, cleaned the carb, put a new blade on and it started up and ran beautifully. It was my first small engine project and I was proud of husband was mowing tonight and managed to run over a large sized rock:NO NO NO:.

Long story short it did not sound good and then it died. I need some advice, here is what I am seeing.

1. It will not start.
2. When you pull the cord it recoils quickly, to the point where it will yank out of your hand and wrap itself around the handle.
3. The blade has a good sized dent in it, but I am able to still turn it manually.

flywheel? shaft? Do I know what either of those looks like, probably not .

Any thoughts on how to fix or is it dead? Like I said I am new at this, but if I have a good set of instructions, I can typically get through it.

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You need to check if the crankshaft is bent. The kick back of the starter rope means that the flywheel key is sheared. You will have to pull the flywheel to repair this. But if the crankshaft is bent you would have to replace it most likely more money than it is worth.

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First I would remove the blade and the spark plug. Tip the mower on it's side and have someone slowly pull the starter cord while you look at the end of the shaft. If you see it wobble side to side or move any way other than just rotate it's a good sign that the shaft/crank is bent. If it's about the money I would drain the oil and gas out and take the mover to recycling. If you want to take your small engine knowledge to the next level it might be a fun project to re-build the engine.

If the shaft rotates in a circle without wobbling then I would remove the engine from the mower deck, pull the flywheel and replace the key. The key is a small piece of metal that insures the crankshaft and flywheel are locked together. It's usually a small square piece of steel about 1/2" long. There is a groove cut in the crank shaft and the inside bore of the flywheel and the key fits in that groove. Half in the shaft & half in the flywheel. This prevents the flywheel from rotating on the crank shaft. The ignition timing for the engine is controlled by the position of the flywheel so if the key sheered or is partially sheered it screws-up the ignition timing for the engine which can cause it to not run or kick back when you try to pull the cord.
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No need to remove the engine from the mower to change the flywheel key. Have a good one. Geo

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