Honda HRR 216 gradually loosing power

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Honda HRR 216 gradually loosing power

I have an 8 year old (?) Honda HRR 2162TDC 3 speed self propelled rear bagging lawn mower. Serial # MZCG-7167144. It ran fantastic for the first 6 years but the last 1 1/2 years it is starting to run poorly. It usually starts quite well and runs strong but then within 5 - 10 min starts loosing power, begins to miss, sounds that it is flooding and occasionally backfires. The sparkplug is very sooty. I change the oil at least twice every summer. Before winter I always run the gas dry so the carbs should not have any bad gas in them. An excellent local mechanic has taken apart / adjusted the carbs and it usually runs really well for 2 - 3 weeks and then begins to deteriorate. There doesn't appear to be any way to adjust the carb other than taking it all apart. The valve gap is within specs and the compression cold dry is 80 psi and cold with oil is 120. I am suspecting either some carb issues or possibly a replacement coil. What do you suggest
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Has your good mechanic given any reason why it has trouble after a couple weeks?

Since it runs well for a few weeks after your mechanic goes through the carburetor I wonder if there is some dirt or sediment in the gas. It's also remotely possible that the fuel line is breaking down, releasing little bits that could clog a jet in the carb. First, get the engine working well. I would go to an auto parts or home improvement store and get a small fuel filter, two feet of fuel line and two hose clamps to fit the tubing. Drain all the gas out of the tank. Then I would replace the fuel line from the tank to the carb. and install the fuel filter in the line. While you have the fuel tank drained look inside with a flashlight for any bits of dirt or rust and rinse out the tank until it's clean.

The two feet of fuel line should be way more than needed. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit the fuel filter inline between the tank and carb. because they are so close together. You may need the extra line to put a small loop or "S" bend in the line to make room for the filter.

Another possibility is that the coil is going bad and is weak or failing when it's hot.
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Hondas are notorious for being picky about plugs & air,, Put a new sparkplug & air filter in it & re-try.. I'm guessing it'll fix you up... Roger

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