Honda EB5000X generator (at least 15yrs old) - 4 prong 18.8A AC Out doesn't work


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Honda EB5000X generator (at least 15yrs old) - 4 prong 18.8A AC Out doesn't work


Please bear with me as I know we won't have ALL the info that may be desired and this generator is currently very far away at our Cabin.

We have an older generator Honda EB5000X that has the following plugs

18.8A 120V/240V AC OUT (4 prong non locking)
20A 120V
30A 120V
2, 15A 120V

We were using the 4 prong AC out to power the cabin, hooked directly into the main box. Has always worked great.

Turned on a shop vac and it shut down the generator (didn't flip any breakers.. neither the ones that it feeds into in the main box OR the one on the generator). When restarting the generator, the 15A plugs still worked (had a drill plugged in directly) but the main AC out no longer putting out power.

We shut it down and restarted it again. This time the power returned.

A few hours later, we had unplugged the main AC (as we were doing a lot of rewiring in the house and I guess it never occurred to us to turn off the breaker at the main box)... we were still using an extension cord at the 15A plug.

When we went to plug the main AC back in again... no output power AGAIN. No amount of shutting down, restarting, flipping breakers worked for regaining output. We had to leave town and the generator behind.

Would like to know what MIGHT need to be fixed when we return!

I unfortunately do NOT have the serial numbers... only the following labels

Sawafuji Electric Model: M 50, NO: C IM 065 (generator motor?)
Sawafuji Electric Model: B 50, NO: C IN 071 (front panel where plugs are)

I have photos of the generator if that would be of any help!

Thank you greatly for taking time to understand all that!!!
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Ok - I've started to see things about using a drill to re-energize.... so let me explain EXACTLY what we did in between the failures.

after it failed the first time, we connected a drill in directly to the 15A and spun it up, probably to full trigger. It was after that, that the 18.8A was rechecked and found to have power.

When it failed again later, I'm certain we made a BIG error but not shutting down the generator before plugging back in the 4prong.

At this point we were using the drill upstairs on the other end of a 50ft cord which was still working on the 15A plug, but couldn't get power restored on the 4prong 18.8A.

Make sense????
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Kind of sounds like a loose/corroded connector going to the 4 prong. Sounds like it's arcing and making contact at times, but not at others.
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When we travel back up there in July. What parts might I take with me "just in case". And I would assume the first step will be for us to pull off that front cover and inspect for any obvious damage on the inside?

Wish we would have had room to haul that thing all the way back home!

Generator is very essential until we can get the hydro reconnected... which we are trying to correct the deficiency list now.

anyone else wish their "vacation home" actually allowed you to VACATION?!

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