Briggs&Stratton 5HP Starts then Stalls


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Briggs&Stratton 5HP Starts then Stalls

I just bout a shredder that has a 5 HP Briggs Model 130202-4015-01 engine, the engine will not start unless its primed, and when primed it will momentarily run unless fuel is manually applied though the carb.

I remove, inspected and cleaned the carb and tank, I did find gunk in the tank and the previous owner said he cleaned the tank also (leaves me to believe a lot of gunk was in it) I did notice that the diaphragm appeared pinched at one on the internal vents, but not torn.

I did blast air through all the vents on the carb and I did not notice any blockage. I checked the engine without the fuel cap, and used fresh fuel.

My initial thought was to order a new carb, but I don't wan to drop $100 bucks to find out it still does not run. Could I be missing something?

Thanks for any help that is offered.
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Float filled with fuel causing needle valve to not close, needle valve sticking, there's a tiny bronze filter inside the carberator under a metal round cap that could be pluged up. You have to drill and pry out the old cap and tap in the new one.
Any of these will cause it not to start.
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I would replace the diaphram and tank gasket, the diaphram doesn't need to be torn or have a hole in it to fail, they usually fail because of age, they loose their flexibility and will not pump. The carb kit is Briggs # 494624. Have a good one. Geo
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Thanks for the replies guys, it does help.

Joe, regarding the tiny 'bronze filter' under the carb, do you mean the piece that looks like a brass jet, next to the pick-up stem, that doen't look serviceable?

The carb does look like its picking up gas, the tank bowl is full (this is were I found majority of the gunk), I'm guessing the jet looking thing that siphons from the bowl is fouled.

Side question: If the diaphragm is bad would the carb siphon gas and put it in the tank bowl?

Rather than tinkering with this any more, I ordered the replacement carb, filters, and cap today. If that works I'll order the diaphragm and test it latter, I just need to get the yard done in a hurry or my wife will have my hide.

Thanks again, I'll put how it works out.

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