Chain saw fuel line


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Chain saw fuel line

I have a Poulan chainsaw--about 15 years old. The fuel lines were rotten so I bought new ones--the plastic type. The primer bulb line was no problem. The line from the tank to the primer bulb has me stumped. It goes through a hole between the tank and the carb compartment. The hose being larger than the hole, a jam fit, is the only thing that seals the hole and keeps the fuel from leaking out. After going through the hole, it connects to a coupler and then another short piece connects to the weighted fuel pickup. I have been trying to get the tubing through the hole with no luck. I've tried cutting out a starter strip to get through the hole then pulling with longnose pliers but it breaks. Any help will be enormously appreciated!!

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I did that op on my old Poulan a while back. I think my solution was to cut the end of the tube at a very steep angle, that way you sneak up on the snug fit as you push the tube into the seal.
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are you sure you have the correct size tubing?
there are a couple different o/d sizes
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It's the right size. It has to be bigger than the hole so it will be a tight fit---that's the only thing keeping the fuel in. I cut it on a steep angle but if I cut it too long, it breaks when I pull on it. I just bought a pair of 12 inch, pistol grip, long nose pliers. I'm putting the slickest lube I have on the tubing. I'll give it another go and let you know the results.


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