john deere f525 mower problem


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john deere f525 mower problem

Hello All-
I have a 1994 john deere f525 mower. I replaced the battery hit the key and blew a fuse. It was then that I noticed that the red cable was actually attatched to the ground, it must have been replaced at some point. Any way, when I try to start it now, I blow the 2 center fuses in the panel. The fuse does not blow when I turn the key to the on (or run position), or when I turn the key further to crank the starter. But if the key is on, and I push the brake as I normally would to engage the starter, the fuse blows the second I push on the brake. Diodes, relays, switches?- I am not sure if one is prone to create a ground if juiced the wrong way. Any ideas would sure be appreciated.
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Normally a fuse blows when it "sees" a dead short. I would start by checking the wiring for a frayed or cut wire and would begin with the brake switch.

I am attaching a link to JD but they do not actually supply a wiring diagram. That only comes with the shop manual, which is expensive.

John Deere - Parts Catalog
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do you know if diodes or switches ground if damaged? I'll take your advice and check, maybe I melted a little insulation off of something. thank you.
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Sometimes if the problem isn't easy to find, I unplug everything, try it, and then start plugging in one connector at a time until the fuse blows. Then you know what circuit has the problem.

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