Mclane Edger

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Mclane Edger

can't break nut loose to remove blade off my edger really needs to be replaced - is nut left or right hand turn - best/easy way to take off. shade tree handy around tools.
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Removing the blade

The nut on the blade is not left hand thread,it is right-regular on and off directions. I have a mclane edger and this is how I get the blade off. Look on the inside towards the blade housing.There is a hex key bolt in there. Find an allen wrench to fit it.Stick the allen wrench into the hex bolt,with the curved end of the allen wrench sticking out.
Get a large crescent wrench or a pipe wrench,adjust it to fit snuggly onto the allen wrench end (the curved end).Get the edger up against a wall outside,where it cannot roll away from you.Adjust the pipe wrench and have the end of it touching the ground,where when you turn the bolt on the other side of the housing,the pipe wrench,which is holding the hex bolt from turning,will not move.
Now,get either the correct size wrench for the bolt,or use another large crescent wrench to turn and break loose the nut.
When I do this,the pipe wrench usually slips loose a few times,off of the allen wrench end.You just have to make your adjustments to hold everything steady,and try and turn the nut on the other side.
Spray some wd40 on the blade nut assembly before trying to get it loose. I hope that this helps.The replacement blade on mine is a 1/2"
center hole diameter.
The mclane edger is a very good edger.My engine just broke bigtime
I have had it for almost 20 yrs.The con rod is shot so I am doing a search for a replacement engine,that's how I ended up here telling you about getting the blade off. Hope it helps.
John(userid jjjohn).

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