Gas drained into my oil - Riding mower


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Gas drained into my oil - Riding mower

Model 28T707
Type 1154-E1
Code 000914ZE

Installed a shut off valve to gasline, seems to have stop the problem. But what caused it?
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No expert...but basically the float valve that is supposed to stop flow when the fuel bowl is full was leaking. That allowed gas to flow through the carb and either past the valves into the crankcase or into the cylinder past the rings into the crankcase.
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Correct. The shut off valve is a bandaid and the problem still exists. Take the carb bowl off, remove the pin holding the float on, take the float and needle out, replace the needle, clean everything and put it back together. 10 minute job and $5 at the most. If there is still gas in the oil, change it.

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