My John Deere stalls out if I try to drive and mow at the same time.


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My John Deere stalls out if I try to drive and mow at the same time.

I have a John Deere SRX75 that had been sitting for a minimum of a year out side unused carburetor exposed. I had spark so I decided I would try to revive it. I have had it running using another carb but tonight I just installed a brand new carb, gaskets and filter. I can drive it around fine and I can engage the mower while in neutral and it runs fine but when I put in gear and start to drive, it sputters to a stop within 10 feet or so. It has a hydrostatic drive system. I just select forward or reverse and press the pedal to go. Sometimes if I hurry and disengage the blades it will stay running but keep trying to stall out, especially if I keep driving. I am wondering if I have to much drag somewhere in the drive system and the engine can't handle the load. Also, the deck pulleys are moving freely. Any help would be appreciated.
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Sounds like you may be right about something binding. Maybe a frozen pulley on the deck.

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