MTD HP 21 LT Blade Belt Issue


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MTD HP 21 LT Blade Belt Issue

Last night I was mowing as usual, the grass was pretty high and thick and put a bit more strain on the mower than normal. The blades/Belt area started getting louder until I knew for sure something was wrong. When I inspected, the belt had come off of one side of the rear pulley and was outside the metal pin that keeps it on the pulley. Still turning normally but very loud. I pulled the belt back over and onto the pulley and restarted. There were 8-10 sparks that came out of the deck area so I shut the unit back down. On inspection the belt had jumped again. Why is it jumping off, stretched?

I removed the belt from the mower completely and it looks in decent shape with fine cracks all across the inside of the belt but the belt measures about 57 inches which I think it is supposed to be. Belt is #MTD 754--439. They list this belt as a drive belt at 79 1/8 inches which I believe is wrong though.... This IS the belt that powers the blades so I am Confused!
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If the belt has cracks, it's time to replace it anyways. Check the pulleys for smooth operation, no looseness in the bearings, etc... as well.
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But what about the last part? Does this seem to be the right belt if the lengths are so different? This is what they call for though...
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Post the Model # & serial # of the unit & I can look it up for you.. The ""754--493"" is not a MTD part # unless you left out a # in the last 4 didgets...Just checking, All the Belt Fingers are in place & none of them have been bent in the past????


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