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UK Tecumseh bvs mower needs ID and carb adjusting

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08-18-11, 04:52 AM   #1  
UK Tecumseh bvs mower needs ID and carb adjusting

I have a UK bought Mountfield Empress 16 mower with a Tecumseh BVS R 153 engine with some Italian words printed in various places, like on the carb float.
There is a four position hand control, Choke, Fast/Hare, Slow/Tortoise, Stop. There is no primer pump.
THe problem was it would only run on full choke, so I took apart the carb and found muck in it, cleaned out and cleaned the fuel tank. At first it wouldnít run any better, so I tried changing the carb settings, which were disturbed anyway when I took off the carb. I donít know if I made any difference, but suddenly it started to run OK.
I have not been able to find a manual for this, and from some old US Tec sites still in existence I cannot be sure if there is a different US number for this engine. One old US Tecumseh website doesnít list any BVS model number.

Full number on the engine plate seems to be
BVS R 153 ES E-41007B and another 6 digit number which is"3 8 or S"93"4?"1D

Although it seems to run OK, what I would like to know is how to adjust the carb settings properly.
The linkage and control mounting plate is adjustable relative to the carburettor body, as the screw holes in the plate are slotted to allow a quarter to half inch movement backwards and forward.
There are two throttle stops, one to limit the opening and one to limit the closure. I donít see why the closure would be limited, surely the engine would stop if the throttle were fully closed only, or doesnít it work like that?
There is another adjustment screw in the side of the carb body, which reminds me of an idle air bleed screw from my old Zenith auto carbs. It seems to affect running speed.

I would like to get a manual but donít know how to cross reference to get the US model number. If the manual is unavailable, what is the correct way to adjust these and is there anything else I should know?

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08-18-11, 05:55 AM   #2  
Here is the Tecumseh basic trouble shooting and service .pdf and it also has some cross references.

This document is much more comprehensive and has good diagrams of the carburetors and which screw is what and how to adjust.

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08-18-11, 06:32 AM   #3  
Thank you, this will be a great help. I did have the trouble shooting manual but had not seen the bigger one anywhere.
Would anyone know what the correct engine speeds are and what the equivalent US engine number for my BVS number would be? I could not see a cross reference for that number.

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