Snow blower trouble


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Snow blower trouble

I have a craftsman snow blower, I bought new 10 years ago. I have done, the oil changes, tune ups, and greased when I was suppose, but that is about it. Now it doesn't blow snow any where as far as it use to. At one time, I could pile it like 15' high or higher. Now depending on the snow, I am lucky to get it to clear the shoot. I was told, the drive belt could be worn, is this possible, or am I looking at something else. I need to get it up and running for this winter, I think we are in for a good one, we are over due.
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Could very well be the drive belt, could also be that the space between the auger and the housing has grown over the years. Could also be your engine is tired and not putting out the HP it used to.
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The blower

It could be the parts that contact the snow are not as smooth as they once were. I keep all those parts clean and painted, and also I spray silicone on the augers, impeller, and the discharge chute a couple times a season. Are both your auger shear bolts intact?. Replace the belt every couple years. Are all the pulleys secure to thier shafts. Is the auger shaft turning the auger? I have a 45 year old blower sears [murry], and there always is something to do on it, but they built then strong those days, and maybe I can get another 20 years out of it, and me too. Oh and check the idler pulley and spring, or cable.
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I know what you mean about old and still working. Before I bought this snow blower, I had a old john deer 10-32 that my father had for years, before he moved some where warm, and didn't need it. It ran great too, it just use a little oil, you filled the gas and topped off the oil. My brother barrowed it, and I told him, this is like a chain, when you gas it up, you need to put oil in it. Well he didn't, and that is how I got the new craftsmen. I checked the idler pulley, spring and cable, but don't really know what I am looking for. I think I am better off taking it in.
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Is the belt tight when you hold the handle down?? It may very well be slipping. If you haven't replaced the belt before, it may be good insurance to do it now (instead of in the middle of that big storm).. Do you still have the manual for it??? I believe there is an adjustment on these units for belt tension.. Roger

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