Help cub cadet snowblower


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Help cub cadet snowblower

I have a 2009 commercial dual wheel cub cadet 17 hp
How hard is it to change the friction plate and wheel
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Cool Cub cadet friction plate

I am answering my own question as I could not wait
I had to get it done
So the changing of the friction plate is easy enough
First you have to take off of the belt cove
And lock the belt drive for the friction plate. I used vise grips
Then jack up the unit high enough and use stands to hold it up
You will have get it as high as possible
Remove the lower cove first the the upper back cover making sure
That you remember were all items removed go take a photo or mark them with tape
You will have to remove the wheels on 1 side only to be able to remove the friction rubber wheel and drive bar
Then with a long enough bar hit the friction plate to make it go clock wise and it may take a Few good hits and it should come finger loose
I suggest this also the time to inspect the other components for wear and also to grease the drive arm there is only one fitting
Make sure. The friction wheel and plate do not have any oil or grease on them or around as this will cause them to break down and wear alot faster
I hope this will help someone
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Glad you got it repaired without any guidance. Could not wait? Snow coming?

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