Changing Belt on Yard Machines Mower


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Changing Belt on Yard Machines Mower

Hi. I have an old Yard Machines rider that was recently "fixed" for $330 and ran twice. It now smokes and squeals when deck is put down. It looks like a belt might be messed up ...twisted or something but I do not know how to get to it to change it. Ran fine when parked after last mowing so we are not sure what happened and don't want to go back to guy who charged us a fortune. Any help would be appreciated.
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With no idea about what you have, we can't tell you what to do or look for. Generally you take the belt off the engine pulley, let the deck down and then take it off the rest of them.

I can't comment much on the $330 repair without knowing what was done. If they did a good bit or replaced expensive parts, then that's not out of line. If they just changed the oil and a belt, that's high.
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Check all the pulleys & spindles.. It is quite possible that the repair was fine, but one of the pulleys or spindles has siezed since.. As Cheese states, you didn't state if the repairs where to the deck,, Mostly engine related or others.. Check the pulleys & spindles before putting on another belt.. You may have one that siezed on you... Roger

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