Repair tear in spark plug boot?


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Repair tear in spark plug boot?

I was checking the spark plug on my honda hs520a snow thrower and tore the lower part of the spark plug boot while pulling the boot/wire off the plug (wasn't paying attention the angle of the plug). I haven't tried to start the engine yet, so I am not sure if this is even a problem but I am assuming that a bad boot might cause problems down the road.

Any suggestions for repairing the boot? I don't think the wire or boot can be ordered separate from the coil so I am hoping I can glue the boot back together with something.
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If it were me, I would just wrap a few turns of black electrical tape around it.
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If it's completely separated...I doubt anything would hold very long...if it's a split of some sort, maybe some high temp black silicone from an auto parts store. You'd have to clean it well and goop some on the outside.

Ya know....for many years there were no boots on small engines like that. I remember old mowers that you pushed a spring or metal tab over to the top of the plug to ground it out to stop the engine...

Now...if it's all sunken down in the head, might be an issue, but if the top of the plug and the connector/clip on the wire aren't exposed...I doubt it will cause any problems.
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Thanks. Yes, it's a split. Now that you mention it, I also remember having an old mower with just a clip on the top of the plug. I was thinking silicone or maybe just super glue. Does anybody know if super glue bonds rubber to rubber?
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Don't waste you time and money on glue and tape, replace it. You can get a new boot from a small engine shop or go to your local garage and get some plug wires that have been replaced and salvage one. As soon as you introduce a foreign substance, glue, tape, etc. the spark will stark jumpimg and you won't know why. Or just leave it alone. Have a good one. Geo
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I wouldn't be concerned about it causing any problems. if you want to fix it for the sake of fixing it, then try some super glue, it does bond rubber to rubber. Myself, I'd leave it be.

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