Bobcat 720


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Bobcat 720

Looking at a Bobcat 720 with Wisconsin gas motor in it. The guy want $1200 for it. It has a hole in one piston so it does not run but it will turn. Bobcat's specs for it say t is a 30 HP motor. Worse case i can drop in a new 30HP motor for about $2900.

Am I crazy thinking this might be an interesting project? I pretty much know nothing about Bobcats but I can work my way around most things that make noise.
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If all you have for a problem is the Wisconsin engine and the hole in a piston you'd have an easy fix. A Wisconsin is one of the best commercial engines. You see them about every where in the heavy applications. Things like why is the hole there and are there other things in the engine elsewhere would be considerations. Then past the engine are there a lineup of problems. Most of that stuff you don't know until you get there.
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Heck...for $1200...its worth just having it in your garage for man points. "yeah...I have a Bobcat (thump chest and grunt)"
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Do I already get man points since I have a Cub Cadet 7305 compact tractor? "THUMP GRUNT"
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Sounds like a deal. How the heck did the hole get there? Too long of a spark plug? Valve stick open? Pre-detonation burn a hole in it? That may be a consideration but if the cylinder and the rest of the machine looks good I'd probably jump all over it.
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That is really great for man points. I use to have one, it was in the back of the garage under a pile of stuff, when I bought the house. But now my ex-wife boyfriend has it.

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