Briggs & Stratton Generator 305cc 1450 Series Oil change question

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Briggs & Stratton Generator 305cc 1450 Series Oil change question

The manual says change every 50 hours which is about every 2 days if the thing is running continuously.

That seems excessive.....

I'm thinking of doing it every 100 like the honda generators recommmend. Any reason why i shouldn't ?

P.S I use mobil1 Full Syntetic 5-30w oil.
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I dont see anything wrong with it. Thats what I would do.

Do you run the generator constantly?

I use best judgement.

Example and it may not be apples to apples.

My friends change thier oil on the harleys every 3000 miles regardless what oil they use. I feel thats a waste. Oil has come along way since dad was changing oil in the 59' family cruiser.

I use mobile 1 and I go 8000 miles in the bike. Now the thing is if I get on the thing in the dead heat of summer and start beating the hell out of it (under higher load like a generator?) then my oil temps get into the 260F area. Time to let off the throttle?? LOL.

Then I will change the oil not soon after. But its alot of things combined. Did the engine get up to temp after starting, and if not how many times? Cold weather is an issue also. If you dont get up to operating temp synthetics retain water. You need to burn this out with all the acids. Alot of my friends start, go to bar, go home. Less then 10 miles. Not good for motor IMO. Never gets up to the 180-190F min temps for oil to start burning the impuritys out.

Visual is a good measurement. Just feel the oil between your fingeres and color tells somewhat of the picture. Does it have that gritty feel?

Now mind you this bike engine has a oil filter. A generator does not normally. And for the 28 or so oz of oil it takes for a oil change and if thats what the manufacturer recommends, Why not?

In summary if the engine is run on a constant bases I would extent the oile change. If its start, stop, sit, start, stop, sit, for low use and excerciseing the motor I would absolutly change at the 50 hour mark.

Thats just what I would do....and my understanding of motor oils. I hope this dont open up the whole oil debate.

Mike NJ

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