Gas in my oil.............


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Gas in my oil.............

I have a 10HP Briggs & Stratton horizontal shaft engne on a 5500 watt generator. I was having trouble getting it to start & then it wouldn't turn over. Pulled the plug & cleared the combustion chamber. Got it to start & it was blowing a bunch of white smoke. It died & dumped a bunch of fuel out the carb throat. I checked the oil & it was overflow full & contaminated with gasoline.
I suspect that I had a float stick open which flooded the combustion chamber (guessing I lucked into an open intake valve).
I have drained the bad oil. I intend to install a new needle & seat in the carb, put an oil flush or two through it & then recharge with fresh oil.
Am I on the right track here?
Any input is greatly appreciated!!!

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Yup, you're on the right track. I think you'll have the problem fixed when you're done. If you have a metal float, make sure it doesn't have gas in it.
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For a generator I'd suggest installing an inline fuel shutoff valve and closing it when not in use.
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Thanks guys, I plan to check the float while I have it apart. There already is a fuel shutoff valve, I failed to close it after use. I tipped the generator up on one end, that likely caused the float to fall & hang. My bad...
I've heard it's always good to shut the fuel off & let the bowl empty & run till the engine dies. Guess I'll start doing that!

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I think the fuel-in-the-oil problem is as a result of your tipping the unit, not the fault of the carburetor. Not that you may not have a carburetor problem, but, horizontal shaft engines tyically have an intake manifold above the carburetor and the air cleaner housing is at carburetor level and any overflow (dumping) of fuel is more likely to bleed past the air cleaner than into the combustion chamber.

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