Flash generator


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Flash generator

I have seen this in more then one post with generator problems. I was wondering just what flashing a generator is. Is this something they all need from time to time. I have had mine 11 years, maybe 500 hours on it, and only changed the oil and spark plug.
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Its only if then gen is not producing power from sitting for a long time.

If that happens you need to induce voltage to the rotor windings of the generator.

There are a few ways to accomplish this.

Mike NJ
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That doesn't sound very good at all. Is it a good idea to start it now and then so this doesn't happen. I sure would hate to get caught without power when I needed it.

Thanks for your answer
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I have four generators and have never had to flash one. Two of the generators gets used at least once a month, one is used every couple months and one (PTO powered) sits for years without being run. They have all worked and have not needed flashing.

If your generator is gasoline powered you need to fully winterize it if it will be sitting long term without being used. Otherwise I'd run it at least once a month for 20-30 minutes with some load. This is more for the engine and not the generator but it does both some good.
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I use to use it all the time. When I bought the house, the garage didn't have any power, and gas was only $2.50, and my service entrance wasn't really big enough for the house, and power my toys in the garage. Then gas started going higher and higher, and I got a bigger service entrance installed. Now it just get run when needed, or once a month for awhile, to make sure it will start when needed.

Thanks for all the help, it looks like I should be safe.

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