Tecumseh 318SA hand starter


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Tecumseh 318SA hand starter

I notice that the pull starter is loose, but not the 4 nuts. It seems that the outer
cover is bolted to a plate that is ,in turn, bolted to the engine. How do you get to
the bolts that are loose ( on the bottom of the plate ). I have the side plates off, but the gas tank seems to prevent removal. I see 2 screws on the right side, but
the tank is still secured somewhere on the top.
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I don't know that engine off hand but sometimes the fuel tank and even the oil dip stick riser tube needs to be removed to get the shroud off. Just lay everything out in the order you removed the parts, paying attention to which bolt went where and it's not a big deal. On some engines there is a spacer used on one of the fuel tank bolts so keep an eye out for little pieces when disassembling.
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I found the problem. The tank has 2 bolts on one side and a slide mount on the other. I just couldn't see it until I really looked hard. Then a few taps with a rubber mallet and it came off.
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IT sounds like your backer plate is loose and, if so, you have to remove the flywheel in order to access the two screws (bolts) that secure such to the engine block. Make sure the threads in the block are not stripped before you just simply tighten them!

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