Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor Won't Start


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Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor Won't Start

My LT1000 will not start. When I turn over the ignition, there is nothing but "silence". It's not even trying to turn over.

I installed a new battery, new ignition switch and a new sensor switch under the seat. Any suggestions please!
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The seat switch is related only to the kill circuit, not the start circuit. There will be two safety switches related to the start circuit, the clutch pedal and the PTO lever (provided you have a manual PTO, not an electric PTO). But, you may have a poor connection related to the start circuit or a faulty starter solenoid. You'll need a good battery (which you have, hopefully) and a test light to systematically test the circuit. Or you can continue spending money by replacing items until you find the problem. I'd go the test route.
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If you can find the starting system solenoid you'll find a small terminal with a wire on it. It comes from ignition switch via the safety switches mentioned by puey61. If you run a jumper wire from battery positive (available on one of the large terminals of that solenoid) to that small terminal and it cranks then you know it was likely a safety switch. make sure brake/clutch is locked in when doing this. Of course it always needs that and blades off to crank. Again this test assume a good battery with good connections at the solenoid fotr it and cable to starter and good connection at starter

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