Opinions On LCT Snow Engines

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Opinions On LCT Snow Engines

Opinions on LCT Snow Engines

I like to get some input from those of you with experience with these engines and how they stack up against other well known brands. I am looking at a Ariens Snow-tek snow blower that has an LCT Storm Force engine 208 cc, but I think other blowers use these engines also.

I don't have the exact engine model number, but it looks like the latest Storm Force 208 series version that has changes made to the carb linkages and fuel shutoff. I read about problems with the linkage on past models. Things that come to mind are reliability, power, starting, parts availability, component quality . Anything else you can think of would appreciated too.
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Don't buy one with this engine unless that is all your budget allows! That's my opinion, in a nutshell. I haven't seen all that many LCT's at my shop - only on tillers at this point - and none on snow throwers yet...but I know we will this season. A good guess on my part would be with about 80% of the units we did see with this engine, we have had to replace the carburetor. A thorough cleaning and reconditioning just would not do anything for them. Sure the carbs are relatively inexpensive but, come on; I sure wish Tecumseh never went bankrupt! Tecumseh has always had the best snow engine but since you'll find only new old stock engines at certain shops (mine included, but the number is dwindling - just sold two more this week) you're stuck with Briggs as the best option. Briggs is not like the Tecumseh's but it is the best of rest. I'll say, though, that I've yeet to see a Kohler winter engine come through my doors but I'd like to put one to the test and see how it measures up to the Briggs snow engines. Moral: buy a snow thrower with a Briggs engine, not LCT, not MTD, not China Freight.

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