Kohler CV16S charging problems, blowing fuses


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Kohler CV16S charging problems, blowing fuses

I have a Craftsman riding mower with a Kohler CV16S engine.
I am blowing fuses big-time. This has been an intermittent problem for some time but usually goes away for a year or so when the fuse is replaced. I have a Craftsman tractor with a CV16S Kohler engine. I use this mower to pick up leaves and when I tried to get it out the fuse was blown and I found that it had the wrong fuse in it. I replaced the fuse and the engine was locked up. I got it loose with minor difficulty and it was charging fine until I shut it off. When I refueled and tried to start it the fuse was blown again. It blows fuses as soon as the fuse touches the connector.
I checked the terminals at the regulator and it has continuity from the right side blade to the center blade but none from the center to the left side. I also get continuity from both, the center blade and the right side blade to the regulator housing. I can unplug the regulator and install a new fuse and it starts and runs fine. When checking the leads from the Stator, it shows 31.6 volts across the two outside leads but only about half that from each lead to ground. I tried hooking up the connector to the regulator while running and the ammeter on the tractor disappears to the discharge side and fire flies from the connector. This is with a jumper across the connector that is supposed to have the fuse. At first I thought that it might be the magnets came loose inside the flywheel until I did this last check. I am believing more and more that it is the regulator shorted. The regulator is grounded very well. I hate to buy a regulator without knowing for sure that it is bad. The price I have looked up on the Kohler site is $66 for a new regulator. I don't mind buying one if it is bad but surely don't want to throw money away needlessly.
Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Ed
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The testing method used isn't enough to be conclusive. There is a pretty good charging system diagnostic procedure in the manual here: http://www.kohlerengines.com/onlinec.../tp_2339_d.pdf
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You stated that the engine was "locked up"! You need, first, to determine the cause of this before worrying about anything else. Did you have the flywheel off the crankshaft? How did you know the magnets aren't loose, specifically? If you had the flywheel off, did you inspect the stator and its mounting?
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OK, For an update, the engine was locked up because the belts had rusted to the pulleys from sitting. I pulled the belts, sprayed some PB Blaster and went to town trying to get it to turn.
My main problem was that the Voltage Regulator was shorted out inside and it was blowing fuses faster than could replace them. It is running well now. The battery is charging and it is not blowing fuses.

I appreciate all the help.


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