keeping generator in top shape


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keeping generator in top shape

I have a 5000 generator. (not sure of brand- generac I think)-
Works well but if I let it sit too long is very hard to start- I have to keep it in garage and we used it for the hurricane a month ago- I went to start it up yesterday with fresh gas and it took forever. Any tips to making it easier to start? There is stabilizer in the fuel- Any tips or tricks on making it easier- I guess I can start it every week but that seems excessive....also I hear my friends debate about draining gas every time it not used- Is it better to keep fuel in it or not? (with stabilizer)
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I drain mine. Then run the carb dry. Never had any trouble.

Starts right upo first pull everytime. been doing it for over 5 years now. If I dont use it I will start it twice a year. Spring and fall.

Change oil once a year. There is minimal hours on it. Synthetic oil I use.

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Sta-Bil is good at slowing down the formation of varnish in gasoline. Unfortunately it does not stop the lighter compounds in gas from evaporating so old gas, while not varnished, lacks some of the more volatile compounds which make gas easier to ignite. I don't think sitting a month should cause a problem though.

It might be time for your generator to have a little tune-up. If it has electric start make sure the battery is good & strong to spin the motor faster. I'd also take a look at the spark plug (what color is the tip, is it covered in black soot or is it white or light brown color?) and possibly install a new plug making sure to properly set the gap. If the engine is particularly hard to start I'd consider giving the carburetor a good cleaning and inspection. The choke may not be working properly or there may be a internal passage or jet that is clogged.

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