Starting a Makita DCS510 Chainsaw


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Starting a Makita DCS510 Chainsaw

I bought a Makita DCS510 chainsaw a couple of months, the manual says that there is a compression release, but it does not have one anywhere I can see. It's like trying to start 20 Hp engine by hand, trying to pull the starter jerks the hell out of my shoulder. Any tips would be appreciated. here is the Cold Start instructions from the manual:

Cold starting:
Move the combination switch (1) up (choke position). This also
actuates the half-throttle lock.
Pull the starter cable (2) out slowly until you feel resistance (the
piston is now just before top dead center).
Push in decompression valve (5).
Now pull it quickly and powerfully until you hear the first
audible ignition.
CAUTION: Do not pull the starter cable more than about 50 cm/
20” out, and let it back in slowly by hand.
Push in decompression valve (5).
Move the combination switch (1) to the central “ON” position.
Pull the starter cable again, quickly and firmly. As soon as the
engine is running, grasp the rear handle (the safety lock button
(3) is actuated by the palm of the hand) and press the throttle
trigger (4).
The half-throttle lock will disengage and the engine will now
The manual says it's for the Makita DCS 410 and 510 so I think this pertains to the 410 not the 510 that i have.
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Are you certain you don't see the decompression valve just in front of the top handle on the right side of the cylinder? I don't know this model specifically but I'd be sure there is one there.
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I just went down stairs to check it again, no compression button, it's real strange that don't let you know that one model has it and they other does not.

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