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Hi guys;
I believe this may have been addressed in the past but here goes.
I have a "Craftsman, 215 MPH Model 358.794772 Gasoline Powered blower". The unit has a had a on going problem with the head bolts staying tight. I had to retighten several times with varying degrees of bolt tightner. Lesser ones couldn't apparently take the vibration. Finally used high strength and split washer and all is tight. Now it appears the head went!!!
I was using the unit with fresh mixed gas/oil and it ran for awhile. Suddenly, it started to lose power then stopped with a "clunk". This was after I had let a neighbor use the blower unsupervised. I should have known better!
Initial pulls on the starter rope almost broke my wrist as it was held fast! I pulled the spark plug, and poured in some oil. I then let it soak ,and while watching, I pulled the cord again. After a initial bout of resistance it worked up and down and sprayed some oil out.
I then pulled the muffler guard and opened the black access plug to the piston cam and put some oil in there. While pulling the cord again I watched the cam and rods work together. Re-assembled all and put in new spark plug. Pulled, and the motor started and ran for about two minutes then slowed and stopped. I let it sit overnight with more oil and in the morning it started and ran, but emitted LOTS of blue smoke then stopped. I believe that the smoke would have been from the extra oil.
I believe that the compression has gone, is this right? Is it feasible to fix this or just kiss it, and craftsman , goodbye and get a new unit? How are Stihls? Any other good reasonable priced ones that I might be interested in?( Under 150?)
If it is just rings how hard is it to replace then is it feasible?
Today I took it to a local shop I deal with and based on what I told him he siad it could be powerhead, rings or combo and estimates 120-130 for p&l. Almost not worth it for a rebuild machine when a new one would almost be the same. I would say goodbye to "Craftsman" but the same is on sale and I could always cannabalize this one for parts.
Any ideas or suggestions?

PS Sorry for length
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Yep, it's toast. I see this same problem with those blowers. Buy another and you'll likely run into the same thing again down the road.

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