Snow Thrower Surging

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Snow Thrower Surging

OK. So, I left gas in my show thrower over the summer like I wasn't supposed to and when I fired it up this fall it worked great. I shut it off until this winter.
I went back to it and fired it up and it runs very poorly.
It pops and surges like not getting enough gas or something like that.
It surges hi and low but never stalls or quits. it still clears snow but it is only a few years old and I can't see it being the carb.
I replaced the spark plug and it made no difference.
When it is in gear and I am throwing snow for a while it seems as if it might be balancing out but as soon as i slow down or idle it back to surging.
I am aware the old gas cause a little harm but this fast? Is that even the problem? I have let it run out of gas and put more in but that does not help. The gas line seems to be clear (part of it that I can get to).
I have been told that gas line anti freeze will harm the engine so don't use that.
Is there anything I can use to clean the engine or is there something else it might be?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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1. The carburetor needs to be removed, disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.
2. Drain the fuel tank and re-fill with fresh, clean gasoline.

The carburetor has many very tiny passages and orifices. The tiniest speck of dirt or varnish buildup can clog them causing the engine to run poorly or not at all.

I had a similar problem years ago when I was a bad boy and left fuel in it over the summer. Cleaning the carb and new gas got it running again but soon it would act up again. Varnish deposits had formed in the fuel tank and fuel line and would break free and re-clog the carb. I ended up having to remove the fuel tank and clean the inside and install a new fuel line. After that it ran like a champ for the rest of the season.

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