help me choose a portable home generator?


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help me choose a portable home generator?

I was reading alot of reveiws and its hard to find the best of all worlds. I'm looking for 5500w,quiet,reliable and not to cheap and not to steep. Any ideas? I really want to make the right choice.
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I like the colman powermates with the briggs motor.

But thats me.

Not to steep and not too cheap.

Powermate - Powermate portable generators.

5000 watt. Powermate PM0105007 Vx Power Series 6,250 Watt 389cc Gas Powered Portable Generator: Patio, Lawn & Garden

Mike NJ
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Check out the Generac website.. They have gennys priced to compete with The Big Box Store, & the Industrial versions go up from there..
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only half the equation

The trick here is how to fuel the thing... If you have oil heat you want a diesel generator. If you have natural gas you need a nat gas generator. If you don't want to think about LP and a tank then gasoline is the only real sourse left. If you hire an electrician to hook it up, plan a grand for that (includes switch box and cord). I have a gasoline driven generator. Problem is now you need to go looking for gas, last year during an ice storm we had to wait 2 hours in a gas line. Plan to have plenty of fuel jugs. However, If you have oil, you can use your oil on a diesel generator (same fuel).
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Ditto on what... hvac01453....said

I'll add that many gas stations also lose their power, so they can't pump gas

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