Makita power Generator choke problem


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Makita power Generator choke problem

I have a G4100R 4KW generator that only runs on full choke.
It will also idle normally on full choke, with the idle switch on. Doesn't foul on full choke and runs smooth on full choke. But any attempt to reduce the choke plate (open )it dies immediately. I was convinced it must have been bad gas or plug so I replaced both and the old gas had fuel stabilizer in it as well. The old plug was a bit fouled but it was 10 years old. I put in a new NKG plug and gapped it per OEM specs....same thing.
I was convinced it was fuel starved and hit it with choke cleaner and gum out in the gas...same result. I found a small bit of water and spec of dirt in the sedment bowl...that wasnt the problem, removed the bowl and float used a gas gauge drill to ensure the path was clear through the needle valve area and the center tube in the bowl that goes up through the carb to the carb throat. I used a blowgun and carb cleaner and same result. Attempts to adjust the air fuel mixture is limited by the plastic limit cap on the carb. Could it be the engine hasn't enough vacuum to pull the gas up the center tube with normal draft (no choke) by the piston??? or is it something in the linkage??? Stumpped!
The Brand carb is Mikuni???
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Something is still clogged in the carburetor. You may need to remove it and clean it properly in a bath type cleaner.

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