John Deere stx38 starting problem


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John Deere stx38 starting problem

Hi all,

Picked up a John Deere stx 38 the other day. It runs and drives good. The problem I am having is when I start it with the key, the starter won't disengage. I have been using a jumper wire from the battery to the stater right now. I thought it was a bad ignition key, but I tried a couple of JD ignition switches that I know are good and get the same result. I took the wire of of the starter and cleaned that connection with sandpaper. The battery positive terminal is pretty corroded. I am going to change that today. Am I missing another possible source of the problem? It has a Kohler 13hp engine.

Thank you,
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You would have the battery to key and starter solenoid. Then key to starter solenoid. Then solenoid to starter. Key feeds solenoid to connect the battery to the starter.
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It sounds like the solenoid is sticking. Disconnect the starter wire, then test the solenoid. The small wire plugged onto it at the bottom should only have 12 volts on it when you start it. If it has 12 volts all the time, there is another problem. If it has 12v only when starting, but the solenoid stays engaged, then the solenoid is bad.

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