No Start-Homelite HB100 Blower


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No Start-Homelite HB100 Blower

My 20 year old Homelite HB100 blower is not sparking the spark plug. I have it disassembled and am wondering how to check the ignition module. The module has two terminals. One, of course, is the high tension lead to the spark plug. The other is a bare prong that is not used.

I have a multimeter. Are there any tests I can do to test the windings in the module? Any resistance values I can measure? Any continuity? I could always take another piece of yard equipment apart to compare modules but I figure someone on this forum knows what to look for right off.

The spark plug wire is ok because I was able to determine its continuity.

I looked up the price of the replacement part. I'll buy a new blower before I spend that much for the replacement part.
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Have you tested it with the spark plug grounded to the head?
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Yes I did that. First thing I did when it would not start is to stick my pinky in the high tension lead and pull the rope. Nothing. Following that I removed the plug, grounded it, and gave it a faster pull to check for spark. Nothing.......
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I would agree that it's not worth spending much money to fix. Inexpensive gas blowers are less than $100 at most home centers and WallyWorld.

If you want to step-up to the $200-$250 range I have the Stihl BG 86 blower and love it. It is much quieter than the older model and my old WeedEater blower. It starts easy and the anti vibration system is incredible. You hardly feel any vibration in the handle so you hands are not numb after clearing the lawn.
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If you got no spark and there is no kill wire connected to the coil, and the air gap is correct, then the coil is bad. Your small engine repair shop probably has a junked one laying in a pile, or you might pick one up on ebay on the cheap. I keep a pile of stuff like that to rob parts from at my shop.

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