mulching kit for craftsman riding mower


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mulching kit for craftsman riding mower

I have a craftsman riding mower and want to convert it to a mulching mower. Is there anything else that I should do other than buy the mulching kit at sears? It consists of 2 mulching blades and a cover for the discharge. I am trying to mulch the overwhelming amount of leaves in my yard. Will just the blades and cover for the chute be enough to truly mulch the leaves?
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Yes, you will be able to mulch leaves.

Now comes the "but". You cannot expect your mower to plow through a thick layer of leaves without bogging down. There are several large oak trees around my office and I mulch the leaves. If I stay on top of them it works pretty well but if I go too long it becomes too much for the mower to handle and then there is the fact that all those leaves still remain in the same location, just in smaller pieces. Mulching does not make them magically disappear. In the heaviest areas I still have to rake or blow the mulch away to prevent it from killing the grass. I find it easier than dealing with the mountains of un-mulched leaves
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Yep, I agree with Pilot Dane. I like to mulch my leaves too. Beats raking for sure, and it keeps the nutrients in the ground instead of hauling them off.
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Thanks for the feedback. I realize that I cannot roll through a pile of leaves and will give it a try. Anything to spend more time with my kiddos this week and less time on the leaves. If I have to finish off the lawn with the blower and rake, that's ok.
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The kit should take care of the mower. If we stay on top of the accumulation and mow when the leaves are dry, the mower turns them into a fine enough consistency to almost be powder. Let them go or mow wet and that's a whole different ball game.

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