spark problems with Ward Gilson snowblower


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spark problems with Ward Gilson snowblower

I have been doing smallengine work for many years. I also fix up and sell different equipment for all four seasons. Every time I pick up a gilson snowblower. someone always butchers the safety wiring harness because the can't get spark. I have to put the wires back together. Most of the time the spark is gone because they hit something and broke a flywheel key. Before cutting up wires. If you don't have spark on a small engine, make sure you have a good plug, a good coil, good points and condensor if they exist on the engine, and make sure the flywheel key is not damaged or broken,and a good flywheel. 9 times out of ten the flywheel key is the problem. Safety switches and wiring safe life and limb. Hope this helps some one.
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Noticed your comment about Gilson snowthrowers. I've come across an abandoned 2 stage 3 speed Gilson that I'd like to fix up. It appears the previous owner has pulled off the wires from their terminals. I'm not sure which wire goes where and the most problematic issue is, I can't find anywhere on the web where I can get an ignition key for this unit. Any suggestions?

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