Generac 15kw generator


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Generac 15kw generator

I have a Generac 15kw generator. It's a gas engine gen and the motor has been giving me some issue with starting. I have drained all gas out and changed the oil recently. I also took apart the carb bowl and found gunk from old fuel build up. I put everything back together and it cranks over good and it will run if you spray starting fluid in the intake but it will not remain running. I have gone as far as my knowledge of these things, if anyone can give some advice it would be greatly appreciated.
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You really should remove the carb and give it a real cleaning, however maybe you can get lucky, get a can of brake parts cleaner, remove the carb bowl and using the straw, spray every hole, crack and crevase you can see from the bottom, top inside and out, if it looks like a hole spray it, reassemble hopefully you will get lucky. Have a good one. Geo
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I should've put that in my first post that I have removed the carb and sprayed carb cleaner in every orifice that I saw. I got a lot of gunk (fuel tarnish I think) out of the carb, when I first opened it up the float wouldn't even move up and down, now everything is moving freely that I can tell. There is a switch at the bottom of the carb bowl and I haven't been able to figure out exactly what purpose it serve it appears to have power going to it but I'm not sure, I have looked at all the paperwork that came with it and I also did a little research on the internet. Thanks for the input Geo I appreciate it. Maybe yourself and cheese can give me some more ideas. I know enough about carbs to be dangerous but I just need a little more guidance.
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Probably a fuel solenoid.
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If you found a lot of gunk in the fuel bowl and inside the carb. I'd start at the beginning and go all the way through the fuel system. If the fuel line or tank have varnish breaking free or sediment then it will just re-clog the carb. I'd drain and clean the inside of the fuel tank. Replace the fuel line since it's cheap. Disassemble, soak and clean the carb. and re-install it and put fresh, clean gas in the tank.

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