Ariens Snowblower not working


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Ariens Snowblower not working

Hi all,

I was using my snowblower and a 'foreign object' found its way into the auger. I disengaged almost immediately and spent the next little while deporting the foreign object back to the wood pile.

After that the auger stopped working. Found the shear pins, one of them ALMOST broke, but I replaced them both with the spares that came with the blower. Still no dice... or no auger.

It appears that the shaft going to the gearbox for the auger is still spinning full tilt. The ejector(?) still spins fine. But the auger is locked, IE - it will not spin either when engaged or not.

That would tell me that the gears should be fine.... ? no?

So I took the cap/lid off the gear box. I did notice a small lever in the gear box on the right side. Not sure what it is, but it can move /rotate within the gear box... I also can't tell if anything is out of place.

ANY ideas? Do I need to replace that whole gearbox?

Regards, Mike
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Bump! 6" of snow coming tomorrow - any help here?!
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In most cases if the input shaft is spinning the output (auger) shafts should spin.

It sounds like you've blown the gearbox.

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