Help with Craftsman Snow Blower running problem

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Help with Craftsman Snow Blower running problem

I have a 24" Craftsman Snow Blower with a Thecumsen engine. 2STG 5HP24. 31AS615E099 The thing starts but stalls for the first 5-6 times. Then it will run fine as long as I am not engaging the auger. Once I start to throw snow, it will stay running with the choke off. Then it will bog down and stall. The engine never seems to kick into overdrive to either keep running or throw snow, After it stalls it takes 4-5 pulls and it starts again, but the same thing happens. Runs stalls, runs stalls, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Does keeping the choke partially on help it run better? Sounds like a carburetor problem, might need to clean it.
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There is a governor rod & spring that attaches from throttle plate to governor that should be free and moving when put under load. Make sure it's free and moves as load, (as in auger engaged ) increases. Lubricate those linkages well. Might be wise to check bottom of fuel tank for dirt, as well as blow out fuel line from tank to carb and change filter as well. It may be getting enough fuel to run, but not enough to run under load when more is required.
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Go with the obvious first. Pop the carb off and give it a good cleaning. Make sure the jet has been thoroughly cleaned out at the bottom of the bowl. There arer a couple of holes in the jet you should put a small piece of wire twist tie throough to make sure they are not gummed up etc.

Buy yourself some carb cleaner and clean the rest of the carb throughly. Ensure you spary cleaner through and into every crevice of the carb.

Once you start it up again, see that the governer that has a metel rod connectoing to the throttle does not stick. watch when you put load on the machine that the governor pulls to compensate for the increase in load. If it does not, check the spring and ensure there is actually one there. The srping between the throttle and the governor made need increased tension.

Try this for now.

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