trouble starting troy-built snow blower


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trouble starting troy-built snow blower

trouble starting my snow-blower,i've changed the oil,spark plug,and added fresh fuel and still will not start anybody have any other ideas
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If you have a fuel shut off at the tank, turn that off. Then - full choke, half throttle, Spin the engine over about five times. Then pull out the spark plug and pull the engine over another fives times to purge the fuel from the cylinder. Ground the plug to the cylinder head.

Spin the engine over and watch for a bright blue spark at the center electrode on the spark plug. this is best done in a garage, but it can be seen in the daylight.

If you have the blue spark.. put a tablespoon of fuel down the plug hole and reinstall the plug. Then with half throttle, no choke spin it over. It will take about ten times over for it to catch and it will only run for a short time when it does.

Then turn the fuel back on and half choke, half throttle start it. All going well, your significant other will be ready to throw snow.

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