Briggs and Straton Engine wont start. Just backfires.


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Briggs and Straton Engine wont start. Just backfires.

Got a Briggs and Straton engine about 3 years old. Still fairly new. Only used 2 seasons. Sat up this past winter and now won't start. Tried cleaning the plug, checking the gap. Did a spark test. Gas line fine. Gas valve in on position. Tried starter fluid. Will turn over but won't start. Only backfire. Grass grows so fast in South GA. Any suggestions?

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would bet on carburator gummed up if it was running when you put it away, need to disassemble and clean it and start with fresh fuel. quite often the idle port and fuel vent will plug up and the backfire is caused by too much fuel at the wrong time. Hope this helps.
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Thank you so much. I will definitely give it a shot! I'm not a mechanic but I do know that engines need certain things to run and I've checked all these with no luck.
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An engine needs fuel, compression and fire to run and fuel (carburetor) is always my #1 suspect.

First, dump out any old fuel and disconnect the fuel line at the carb. Put some fresh gas in and let it run through to flush out the line. Then put it back together and fill with fresh gas. If it does not run I'd pull the carb off, disassemble and clean it.

Oh, and put the starting fluid away. It's OK for one very tiny shot to verify that you have compression and spark but it's pretty hard on the engine.
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Did it start when you tried the starter fluid?
If not, you likely have other issues than fuel.

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